CHEERS MD, is a non-profit organization that provides education and resources for families and individuals who live and/or work in the city of Gaithersburg and in neighboring communities.  It promotes key objectives of the national initiative “Healthy People 2020” — to reduce or eliminate illness, disability and premature death — through customized, in-person programs and special events with accurate and appropriate supporting materials (both print and digital).

Board certified family practice physicians prepare, supervise and often lead these programs, at the request of schools, churches, non-profits, businesses and other community groups.  They also collaborate with other experts on an as needed basis, to provide targeted and compelling information that builds confidence and increases skills to achieve optimal health, regardless of one’s medical status. CHEERS MD, leverages its experience from its ties with a primary and urgent care clinic to teach and inspire students to practice healthy habits and to utilize health care providers efficiently and proactively, whenever possible.

Children, teens, adults and seniors need to be well-equipped to help themselves stay healthy.  Health literacy and self-discipline will be explored from a variety of perspectives, depending on the needs and abilities of the audience. CHEERS MD, builds on the barriers to success among specific populations and groups, in order to prepare meaningful and practical guidance. We rely on evidence-based content from, the Centers for Disease Control and other well-respected institutions, to create and deliver compelling programs, classes and events.



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