Approximately 29,000 uninsured individuals below the 250% poverty line, reside in Gaithersburg and lack access to professional medical care. In Montgomery County, 22.4% of the population is diagnosed with hypertension, 18% of all adults are struggling with obesity, and the incidence of diabetes is at 5.2% and growing. Many adults are living with chronic diseases that are not properly managed. Through specific targeting of our audiences we are able to share expertise about healthy practices.

Community Impact

CHEERS MD, is open to anyone without restrictions or limitations. We will respond to community health concerns and create targeted content. There are a number of health disparities in our community and we are especially commited to closing this gap. Translated materials and multi-lingual classes will be delivered on an as-needed basis.

We currently are working with the City of Gaithersburg, Department of Parks and Recreation, to launch a 6-week Nutrition and Fitness class.

In addition, the City of Gaitherbsurg is working on a national developed program called “Docs in the Park”. The health and benefits of active recreation, outdoor play, nutrition, fitness, environmental education/awareness, and family involvement are obvious. This program will connect participants with these benefits and promote healthy lifestyles. We have been asked to partner with the City of Gaithersburg to provide medical expertise with this initiative.

We are uncovering many more health concerns in our local community and we will be creative and strategic in addressing them through CHEERS, MD.