The life and health of a community depends, in large part, on the abilities and activities of its citizens, to understand and to adopt healthy habits.  Diseases, disabilities and medical costs continue to skyrocket, locally, regionally and nationally.

The healthcare industry has changed throughout the years which created challenges and obstacles for both, patients as well as medical providers. The lack of adequate insurance coverage, decrease of family practitioners and the increase in chronic diseases, obesity and heart conditions contribute to the need and value of health education, to teach about and to encourage healthy practices. Many people in our local community are uninformed or misinformed about how they can overcome or minimize their medical complications and/or fears. CHEERS! Inc., eases these concerns by creating and delivering health-related programs that builds confidence, skills and interest in well-being and self-reliance.

Our goal is to establish a strong and well-respected presence within the community. CHEERS, MD, will be known for improving lifestyle choices and educating a wide segment of population about the value of and strategies for adopting healthy habits.